I knew then he would never give me up. He would never count me as one of the dead. I was his daughter, and he was my dad, and he had loved me as much as he could. I had to let him go.

–Susie Salmon, The Lovely Bones.

Jack Salmon
Jack Salmon




Caucasian American


Abigail Salmon (wife)
Grandma Lynn (mother-in-law)
Susie Salmon (daughter)
Lindsey Salmon (daughter)
Buckley Salmon (son)

Portrayed by

Mark Wahlberg

Jack Salmon is Susie Salmon's father. Susie's mother is Abigail, and they have two other children named Lindsey and Buckley. Abigail's mother, Lynn, comes to stay with Jack and his family after Susie is murdered by their neighbour, George Harvey.

Jack felt as though he was not there to protect Susie. He went through life with Susie and coping without her seemed to be much more of a challenge then he could have ever imagined. Jack dealt with his wife leaving him and raising Lindsey and Buckley with Lynn. It is unknown in the movie if Jack knows about the affair his wife has had with Len.