"When we first meet Susie Salmon, she is already in heaven. As she looks down from this strange new place, she tells us,
in the fresh and spirited voice of a fourteen-year-old girl, a tale that is both haunting and full of hope.
In the weeks following her death, Susie watches life continuing without her-her school friends trading rumors about her
disappearance, her family holding out hope that she'll be found, her killer trying to cover his tracks. As months pass
without leads, Susie sees her parents' marriage being contorted by loss, her sister hardening herself in a effort to
stay strong, and her little brother trying to grasp the meaning of the word gone.
And she explores the place called heaven. It looks a lot like her school playground, with the good kind of swing sets. There
are counselors to help newcomers adjust and friends to room with. Everything she ever wanted appears as soon as she thinks
of it-except the thing she wants most: to be back with the people she loved on Earth.
With compassion, longing, and a growing understanding, Susie sees her loved ones pass through grief and begin to mend. Her
father embarks on a risky quest to ensnare her killer. Her sister undertakes a feat of remarkable daring. And the boy Susie
cared for moves on, only to find himself at the center of a miraculous event." -The Lovely Bones
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